TGR Rail Canada

Want Join Our Team?


Working for TGR Rail Canada ensures excellent benefits, above average wages, pensions and several generous incentive programs.


  • Generous Profit Sharing
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  • Special Cash Incentive & Reward Programs
  • No Penalty Part Time Options
  • Employee Driven Charitable Donations
  • Employee Driven Community & Public Relations

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Our Modern Philosophy

Our modern approach recognizes the changes in society and in our industry over the last twenty years. We are an equal opportunity employer. 

Take Ownership of Your Job and Your Company

Owners make better team members. Each employee can become a shareholder in the company and get dividends plus their profit share. No more fighting for scraps at the negotiating table. You are worth more than that to your fellow shareholders.

Your Ideas Count and Pay Big Dividends!

Our staff know how to do their jobs better than we do. When you have a stake in your company you can take ownership of your work. When you figure out a better way to do things, we will pay you 2% of what you save us in the first year in addition to your profit share. 

Modern Life Happens

To address the modern work life realities, the company has extended the ability of staff to move between full time and reduced hours based on personal needs in a non-punitive fashion without losing benefits.